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Why Should I Take Voice Lessons?

Updated: Mar 26, 2022

Maybe you are someone who has considered signing up for private lessons, but singing has typically been something you do in the shower, or in the car while you're stuck in traffic on I-35, NOT something you do in front of others, especially a teacher! Or maybe you've decided to commit to weekly lessons but are unsure of the benefits that you will receive during your time in the studio. It can feel intimidating and down-right vulnerable to sign up for voice lessons and it's natural to question if they are worth the investment. After all, our voice is the only instrument in existence that is our whole self: our body, our mind, our spirit. I'm a private voice teacher with over 15 years experience working with singers of all ages, sizes, and styles. Here are my top 5 reasons I recommend singers of all levels take private voice lessons with a highly skilled teacher:

1. Lessons can help you build confidence.

There is no mistaking that singing in front of others requires a lot of bravery for most of us! Nerves and anxiety are a common issue almost all singers face, and while a lack of confidence is not always the main issue for performance anxiety, building confidence in yourself and in your instrument can make you feel empowered to use your instrument however you'd like. Confidence isn't a story we make up to tell ourselves: real, lasting confidence comes from combining knowledge and skill with your love for singing. A good vocal coach understand the mind/body/voice connection and can help you gain confidence in using your voice while developing your understanding of vocal technique.

2. Voice lessons can help you learn to sing with freedom and ease.

After working with vocalists for over 15 years, I have discovered that, in spite of the variety of goals, styles, and vocal types individuals have, at the core most singers share the same desire: to be able to sing whatever they want as easily and naturally as possible. Whether that's belting an 80s ballad at karaoke night, or landing the lead role in your high school musical theater production, a skilled voice teacher will help you to understand where you might have physical tension or postural issues that often lead to strain and fatigue. Because you are using your whole self while singing, I approach teaching with a large focus on whole use (that's mind, body and voice) while singing. Learning how to move with the least amount of tension as possible will help you to feel free in your singing, no matter the genre.

3. You will get to know your own unique voice and how to use it safely.

We are born using our voices in creative ways. As babies, we babble, cry, screech, and delight ourselves with our own voice. It is how we communicate to our loved ones, ask for what we want, and express our emotions. Singing is a motor skill, one that requires you to sense what you feel happening in your own body (kinesthetic awareness) with the knowledge of how the voice and the human body are designed. And like all motor skills, it is something that needs consistent use in order to grow in skill! In my studio Free To Sing, we explore our voice through movement, play, and open ended curiosity while learning good vocal technique and healthy skills. A good voice teacher knows there is not one right way to use the voice, but will help you to develop new ideas and ways of thinking about how to use your unique instrument while giving you the skills and knowledge you can use to grow and flourish as a singer.

4. Voice lessons can help you demystify vocal technique.

Learning to be a skilled singer requires more than just singing! In voice lessons, you will develop strong, appropriate technique skills, such as pitch accuracy, sight-singing, music theory, palate positioning, proper breath support, range, tone quality and musicality. Most of these topics can feel overwhelming and confusing for singers. Having a knowledgeable voice teacher to help demystify and make sense of these concepts can be essential for a lot of singers.

5. Voice lessons are a place for you to nurture your unique interests and passions.

In my voice studio, we sing songs that you are passionate and curious about. I will not make you sing a style of music that you are not interested in, but I am happy to recommend styles and pieces that could work well with your voice and help you reach your goals. Through the years, I have worked with rappers, singer-songwriters, musical theater students, and choral singers. If you are passionate and excited about the music you are singing, studying and learning will not feel like a chore but will be something you can develop a real passion around. When you come into the voice studio, we will identify your unique goals and desires and build a lesson specifically for you. I am not a cookie-cutter teacher who will just run you through the same scales each week.

I have spent years devoting myself to ongoing educational opportunities so I can continue to offer an array of knowledge and skill to benefit a variety of singers. If you commit to showing up each week with an open-mind and a willingness to learn, you will be amazed at how much growth you will experience as a singer. Finding a voice teacher that is a good fit for you and on board with supporting your dreams and desires can be a pivotal first step for most ambitious singers.

There are endless benefits to taking voice lessons in addition to the ones I shared above. Regardless of your age and current skillset, all singers can benefit from private voice lessons with a voice teacher. If you are interested in learning more, feel free to contact me for a quick discovery call!

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