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See what other clients have to say:

"Tiffany is  a master at tailoring her sessions and methods to her students. She is flexible, knowledgeable, and extremely talented. When I started working with her, I came to the table with so many reservations on forced practice, music theory, and rigorous impossibilities. After just our first session, I felt more accomplished than i had in three years of prior lessons. Whether it be her kind heart, empathetic nature, or valuable knowledge, you won't regret working with Tiffany. She is one of a kind!"

-Oakley Weddle, singer-songwriter

"Tiffany has taught me to breath, to push myself, to be more confident in my voice. She's so patient and encouraging every step of the way and she never asks you to do anything you're not comfortable doing. I thoroughly enjoyed my experience and look forward to more."

-Naomi Young, artist

"Tiffany has been the best part of my week for the past few months..she’s very understanding and always tries to push me to be my best self. She is very comfortable to be around and I’ve gained so much confidence working with her! "

-Sophie Beecher, student

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