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The Alexander Technique

People do not decide their futures, they decide their habits and their habits decide their

What is the
Alexander Technique?

The Alexander Technique is a wholistic (re)educational tool that teaches us how to let go of excess tension in the body and how to use our body with ease and minimal effort.  Many artists, musicians, dancers, singers, and actors use AT to help enhance their performance. The purpose of AT, ultimately, is to empower individuals to unlearn negative habits — which can show up in the ways we sit, walk, or talk — and instead learn how to return our bodies to a more relaxed, balanced state of alignment and poise.

A brief history 

F. M. Alexander developed this technique after suffering from chronic vocal loss. He was an actor in 19th century Australia and London, and he would often recite Shakespeare and other famous dramatic works for hours on stage. Unsatisfied with the standard prescriptive advice of the day (total vocal rest), he began observing himself and made many fascinating discovers regarding his own habits and use that were contributing to his voice loss. Refined through decades of teaching, The Alexander Technique evolved as a helpful tool for others suffering from chronic tension, fatigue, and injury. Over 100 years later, this technique is still studied and taught all over the world. From music students at Juilliard to medical practitioners in the UK, the Alexander Technique continues to be used in a variety of settings to help people find greater awareness and more ease in their day to day lives.

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